At BAUSSA we are committed to always providing the highest quality work, manufacturing and adapting our products to the clients needs, applying our full technological and human ability in each and every one of them.

BAUSSA´s production facilities are always in a continuous modernisation process, using the most advanced techniques for optimising processes and strictly fulfilling the official
ISO Standards.

For us, continuous improvement is a vital premise for remaining competitive at the highest international level. Our Production Control System plans and controls the production line, from the design phase to the final surface finish.

All BAUSSA brand products have been tested and certified in the top national and international laboratories, complying with all required regulatory standards.

Our relationship with the client is not just limited to the manufacturing and delivery of the best possible product. We also commit to Post-sales service via a network of authorised technicians that work throughout the country.

We analyse all data received in our laboratory and apply the results in our research and the continuous improvement of our products, processes and production systems.

At BAUSSA, our Certification, Maintenance and Technical Service is our commitment to QUALITY.